Advent Worship Reboot

Dr. Marcia McFee

Have Your Best Advent Season Ever!
Get through Advent and Christmas energized instead of exhausted:

"Reboot Your Worship" in time for Advent!

A 40-Day Virtual Coaching Experience with Dr. Marcia McFee and the Worship Design Studio

September 10 - October 19, 2017

You know what it's like when your computer needs to be rebooted?
The same thing can be said of our worship if it hasn't
gotten the attention it needs!

It gets bogged down, sluggish,
is on the verge of crashing.

Computers that don't run smoothly, don't get used.
Worship that doesn't inspire,
isn't attended.

You know your worship needs help, BUT... you don't have the
time to figure it out or you're not sure where to start.

You need an expert to walk you through it step-by-step!

If you're finding yourself stressed out by worship planning, frustrated by lackluster attendance, or missing the real presence of the holy
on Sunday mornings, your worship needs a reboot.

Do you want your church's worship to be so inspiring that people talk about it all week? Would you like to involve more of the congregation
in the service and touch their lives more deeply? How about freedom from the pressure of worship planning every week so
that you can enjoy life?

This Fall, in the course of 40 days, Dr. Marcia McFee and the Worship Design Studio will do just
that-walk step-by-step with you in implementing...

5 Reboot Practices

that will REVOLUTIONIZE your worship…

The time you spend working on worship
has the gretest impact, on the most
number of people, of all the tasks
you undertake in ministry"
- Dr. Marcia McFee

Dr. Marcia McFee has spent over 20 years in a teaching ministry specializing in revitalizing worship. She is a sought after seminary professor, having taught as a guest in 14 seminaries. She is a popular workshop leader and plenary speaker, having made hundreds of appearances for local, regional and national bodies of the UMC, UCC, DOC, PCUSA, UU, MCC, ELCA, and Baptist traditions. She is a ground-breaking worship designer and leader, including two international General Conferences for the United Methodist Church.

Dr. McFee is a renowned consultant that has spent time one-on-one helping hundreds of churches, no matter their size, style, denomination or current state of vitality, to revolutionize their services. She now brings her key practices to you wherever you are.

Implement the 5 Reboot Basics and Watch Your Worship Soar!


Get down the number one practice that will decrease stress over Sundays while dramatically improving the quality of
your services! Have more time to enjoy life and also more powerful, inspirational worship!

Learn how to effectively keep your congregation engaged as active participants in the worship while improving the quality
and spirituality of the service. Congregational participation in worship is highly correlated with church health
and growth, but it's hard to do while maintaining worship quality if you don't know these practices.

How to bring messages alive for every type of person in your congregation with worship that employs the science of
the "Three Vs".

The personal discipline that will help you master the key to true authenticity, enjoying worship yourself, and
be seen as a more spiritual leader!

Ever catch someone looking at their watch during the service? Master the most overlooked but important aspect
of worship. Get comments like this: "The hour just flew by! We didn't want it to end!"

True Step-by-Step Help:

Over each of the 6 weeks you will receive an e-mail on Sunday with links to the live interactive training as well as article resources about a Reboot Basic that's proven to enhance your worship design and leadership. You will be led and encouraged by Marcia to take an Action Step in the design process for your Advent series so you’ll be ready ahead of time! On Tuesday, you will receive an Affirmation e-mail and reminder about the interactive webinar session with Dr. Marcia that takes place each Thursday. Even if you can't make the live session, you'll still get a recording of the webinar and even have a chance to submit your questions the day before the webinar!

The only difference between a rut and
a grave is the depth...

Ruts happen when we wait until the last minute to do everything and all
we have time to do is what we've done before.

We all get into ruts! Worship can get into a rut when we don't take time to revisit those things "we've always done."When we take the time to take a fresh look at our worship, we can revitalize and ho nor traditions AND create new practices that quickly turn into beloved traditions! When we get a more consistent way to design worship, we have time for worship planning to be life-giving and not soul-draining! AND we have the leisure to incorporate the vast resources now available to us!

Sunday Comes Around EVERY Week!
Eliminate that Constant Stress!

Planning week-to-week "one hit wonders" is exhausting. Face it - Sunday comes around EVERY WEEK! BUT if you had the whole cycle planned and ready before Advent began, imagine the possibilities! You could have a deeply spiritual and renewing Advent practice of your own. You could enter Advent feeling a connection to God that has transformed you rather than burned you out as a church leader. AND if you weren't completely burned out by Holy Week, guess what you could do? Instead of the next few weeks being a "low-time,"you could actually have an amazing worship series ready to invite those church-goers to come back for!

If you are a United Methodist Church, check our list of districts that have purchased district access HERE

People Want to Spread the Word about Worship at their
Church when it's GOOD!

"WOW! We really worshiped!" We all long to hear this as people leave the worship space. When worship is sensory-rich, it moves folks right where they are. Whether it is the music that inspires them, an moving sermon that gets their attention, a beautiful space that has been intentionally prepared visually or actions that have engaged them, they go out talking about what Dr. Marcia calls "M-M-Good"worship–meaningful and memorable. And when worship is memorable, they are more likely to tell friends and strangers alike that there is something for them at our church!

Wouldn't it be Great to Have Real, Creative and Trained HELP?

Dr. McFee has spent two decades honing ways to get people involved in helping create worship WITHOUT having too many cooks in the kitchen! Having studied creative process and techniques, she has concrete plans about how to get people involved, organize and fine-tune the team process and make it a group that not only works together, but plays and worships deeply together. The two top reasons why people don't have success with a team are too many meetings and not a clear enough system of working together. This Reboot will answer both of these issues!

Unlimited members of your church can receive the Reboot materials!

If you are a United Methodist Church, check our list of districts that have purchased district access HERE

Here's What People are Saying About our
Last Reboots (Lent and Advent):

Dear Marcia and crew,
Thank you for the ReBoot series. I had no idea an on-line course could be so meaningful and practical.
Now, I'm a believer. So much to compliment! The structure, with weekly, specific assignments, held me accountable in a way that allowed me to feel
The Reboot approach kicked it up a notch. … This approach, like having a coach working alongside
me, helped me shift/learn new ways of crafting worship. I needed this in order to change some habits.
The five areas we focused on in ReBoot were great choices, at least for me. I felt inspired, challenged,
and affirmed. what a relief to have sermons planned through beginning of Lent. (And yes, now i am
carving out time to plan Lent.)
Thank you for [your] vision and hope… I'm grateful, and renewed.


-Kim Risedorph

Lead Pastor, Asbury UMC, Livermore CA

Can I just say that I LOVE planning for worship!. I am working on my November- December worship
guide, thinking on Advent-Christmas season with the wonderful help of Marcia McFee Worship Design
Studio "Here is our God" sermon series.....
Come Emmanuel Come! can't wait!!!!"

- Ximena A. Varas

St. Andrews UMC

Thank you for yesterday's first reboot session…. if I can help my congregation gently shift to a better way
of experiencing God's presence, I will have accomplished a lot.

Specifically, it will be a quantum leap for me, and an immense help for my team.

And this is God's timing: the stuff you said we will be working on during the next couple of weeks,
planning for Advent, will set up our October 14 Worship Planning Meeting at
Hardy UMC. Nice!"

+++ John Schneider

Hardy UMC

These last 40 days have been a real blessing!

-Carolyn Patterson

Wesley Memorial UMC

If you are a United Methodist Church, check our list of districts that have purchased district access HERE

Imagine Starting Advent with Everything Planned through Christmas!

Yes, you CAN do it. Each week Marcia will guide you through an action item in order to have the season done by the end of the 40 days. If you decide to utilize the sample series from the Worship Design Studio, you can even cut the amount of time you spend on it in half or more because the sample series are stock full of great ideas for each worship art. By learning the process of designing the entire season as a whole, instead of week-to-week, you can breath a sigh of relief way before the season starts!

Where Do I Start to Make Worship Better? Get Step-by-Step Help!

With video lessons, training articles, e-mail affirmations and reminders delivered right to your e-mail box during the 40 day Reboot, AND live weekly Q&A sessions with Marcia, churches enrolled in the "Reboot Your Worship" experience will have the opportunity to get direct interaction with world class worship leader

Dr. Marcia McFee

These Reboot Basics Work with ANY Style of Worship!

The principles and practices that you'll learn in the Worship Reboot are applicable to any context. Marcia has seen success in many different denominations, worship styles and settings, and age groups for those who apply these truths.

Dr. Marcia will help guide you through developing a plan for your own congregation and its specific culture. You'll be creating the "perfect" worship experience for your church yourself, so it's sure to be a perfect match for your worship style!

You may think that you're not a creative person, or that this would be too difficult for you, but we've seen success across a wide field of pastors, musicians, and lay leaders who have embraced the Reboot principles. With Marcia's help, anyone passionate about worship can do this!

These Principles Just Work!

Here's What People are Saying About our Last Reboot:

"You have been a way for God to speak to me. Thanks for the sharing and motivation. I have been more creative in worship, personal and group, because of your calling. Thank you and keep on! "

- Santhia Jo Collins

Thank you so much for this wonderful invitation to "reboot" our worship, and for the inspiration it has provided…

The services were still "broken" up by song here, reading here, now its time for this or that, UNTIL today! I invited myself to play during awkward moments, something I just never felt comfortable doing here. You gave me permission to be all I am, and offer all I am as their "director of music and arts".... I had many smiling encounters afterward. And talked with several eager participants about things I needed in the future. Yay!"

Shar Boerema

Director of Music and Arts

Whitehall United Methodist Church Whitehall, Michigan

Hi Marcia – just wanted to let you know that we focussed on [Key # 5] for this morning's service and were delighted with the results! Thanks so much for all you taught us…

- Brenda Voisard

South Valley UU Society

We signed up for the Reboot webinars... .We've found them very helpful. We have budgeted for WDS for next year and we had a GREAT consecration Sunday yesterday, so I think you'll be seeing/hearing more from us.

Rev. Nancy J Kollhttoff, Pastor

Atchison United Methodist Church Atchison KS USA

Find out How to Get Past the 'Worship Wars!'

The "Politics of Change"

I know it's hard to believe, but some church people like things done the way they've always been done. It can be challenging doing something new with worship, even if that change is clearly for the better. How can you do something new without losing the people who liked it the way things were?

Let Marcia be the voice of encouragement and renewed excitement for your congregation. You can invite unlimited numbers of people from your church to receive the Advent Reboot materials, and Dr. McFee has a passion for spreading the vision of passionate, inspiring worship to the entire congregation!

She also has a lot of experience and insight about why people react to worship in various ways (from positive to negative). You will be able to see Marcia teach her infamous session called "The Politics of Change," which ALONE could change the way you and your congregation communicate about worship differences and move forward in a loving way toward more vital worship even if some parts aren't everyone's "cup of tea."Creating a Culture of Radical Hospitality about worship will get you beyond the "worship wars!"

What Price for Spiritual Depth and Transformed Lives?

Are you tired of just "getting by" on Sundays? Do you want to have less stress and more engagement in the service?

Are you ready do whatever it takes to have powerful experiences of God during your worship?

Dr. McFee normally charges a church $3,500 for a weekend's worth of coaching. She has helped hundreds of congregations revolutionize their worship in this way.

For your church to attend one of Marcia's training conferences, the cost would normally be $500 then travel and expenses usually a couple thousand dollars total.

During the Reboot, you'll have the opportunity to talk to Dr. McFee and ask your specific worship questions live during 6 weekly Q&A sessions, just as you would at a conference or church coaching event. You'll also benefit from extensive video and written training and help, specific to Advent.

What do you think a fair price would be for 40 days of world class worship coaching, for you and your entire church?



Can you even put a price on doing everything you can to bring the presence of God to your people in worship?

Fortunately, you'll have the opportunity to learn from Dr. McFee for a fraction of the price that her other clients pay.

The question really is 'what is the price for NOT paying attention to the quality and depth of your worship?

Anxiety over attendance, participation and vitality is one such price. Revitalized worship can invigorate the rest of the life and ministry of the church. There's not much to lose and a LOT to gain just by giving some more attention to your worship and following some simple Reboot Basics lined out in this 40-day experience"

As a special introductory offer to her online coaching program, Marcia is allowing 250 people (the most we can fit in a live webinar) to participate in the Advent Worship Reboot for
only $99!

If you are a United Methodist Church, check our list of districts that have purchased district access HERE

As the Advent Reboot includes live, interactive training, we've got to limit it to the number of folks that can join us at once on our video conferencing software. To be fair to everyone who purchased, we must cap the number of places so that everyone has a chance to attend the live portions of the event.

Unfortunately, there are only 250 121 seats left, and those will go FAST! Marcia has a huge following and her events are well attended. We anticipate selling out weeks before the event begins, so please take advantage of this Offer before it's gone:

If you are a United Methodist Church, check our list of districts that have purchased district access HERE

Advent Reboot Bonuses

If you manage to get in while the offer is still open, we'll also include these very valuable and helpful bonuses:


Save a Month of Worship Prep:

Wondering where you'll get the time to go through this course? We'll provide a set of worship resources for the Fall. Choose from two of our most popular series, “We Live, We Love” and “The Tie That Binds”, all prepared by a true expert in worship: Dr. Marcia McFee!


Reinvest In Worship Excellence:

If you were already a member of Worship Design Studio, Dr. McFee's premium service for worship leaders, you'd be getting the Reboot training for free. It's just one of hundreds of premium resources available to members, including over 7 years' worth of worship planning resources.

Included in your purchase is an exclusive $100 discount on Worship Design Studio, by far the biggest discount we've ever offered! You'll have a chance to roll your Reboot investment directly over to Worship Design Studio for an incredible discount: only $199 instead of the normal price of $299!


Guide to Creating a FREE Church Website:

Another resource from our friends at Internet Outreach Experts; in this training Pastor Dave Baker will show you how to get a completely free website (and even free advertising) investing in nothing more than a domain name. You’ll also have the option to receive Pastor Dave’s Modern Outreach training newsletter for more great tips on getting the word out about your church!

Total Value

That's a total value of $327, in addition to the Reboot, so long as you order before we close our doors!

Our Peace of Mind Reboot Guarantee:

if you haven't learned to make improvements in the first 3 weeks (or "right away"), your money back.

After engaging with the materials and taking advantage of the in-person coaching with Dr. Marcia during the first half of the Reboot experience (that's a full 20 days!), if you don't learn ways to improve your worship, we will refund your investment! We want you to be comfortable making this choice… so you have our 100% risk-free Reboot Guarantee! Why are we offering this? Because we are confident that even after the first 5 days you will be wanting even more than 40 days!

If you are a United Methodist Church, check our list of districts that have purchased district access HERE

You'll get:

Coaching in preparation for an amazing Advent season

5 Keys to Inspiring Worship Extensive Video Training

Email Reminders and Affirmations

Politics of Change Course

6 Live Q&A Sessions with Dr. McFee

Two Great Time Saving Bonus Fall Series

Bonus $100 discount on Worship Design Studio

Bonus Guide to Creating a Free Church Website

I hope that you'll take this opportunity to revitalize (dare I say, resurrect?) your worship
this year. I look forward to getting to know you, and helping your church develop
its own incredible worship arts team and worship experience!

Peace & Passion,
Dr. Marcia McFee

Friends, here is the bottom line. I know how dedicated you are and how much we all want worship to soar! But I also know how busy you are AND Sunday comes around every week–whether or not we've had time to take a step back and evaluate how we could make worship better. Sometimes it is much harder because we don't know where to start. We don't know how to get people on board. We can't imagine having the time to call yet one more meeting to inspire folks anew for the work of worship planning. Heck, WE need inspiration ourselves! I want to help you, just for 40 days, get focused on the things that can make a difference RIGHT NOW and we are going to do it without the hassle of onsite meetings because you can have unlimited numbers of people in your church receive the e-mails from us! I want to be the voice for your folks to get excited about planning so that by the time you get to the Advent season, you have seen significant movement toward more meaningful and memorable worship that changes lives and breathes fresh life into your church. Join me and let's do this together!

Worried about time and money (who isn't)? I'm going to give you all kinds of usable resources that will help you get through these 40 days of coaching while still tending to your weekly worship. AS SOON AS you register, I'm going to send you worship resources for the Fall. And money? Well, think of it this way… even if you spread out this $99 investment between the 40 day Reboot plus the Advent / Christmas season that is going to be amazing because you did the Reboot… you are spending only $1.24 per day for renewed passion, support and live coaching. AND we have a money-back guarantee so there's no risk involved. Problems solved! Woo hoo!